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The author is a bold trailblazer infused with strength to expose the truth of a bad American business hidden in plain view.  His life experience speaks volumes into the undercover injustices that are happening at this very moment.  A pioneer in this kind of deep exposure, the author will shock you with what he reveals about his astonishing yet realistic experiences.  From being born into drug trafficking as a child to defending the liberties of his own children, the author changes the tide to break out of the trap which ensnares him and his family.  Told in a realistic fashion, Transgressions is a novel which reveals the author’s deepest personal secrets to symbolizes the journey of individuals everywhere who live with the daily stresses of a business where injustice and threats on your life prevail.  In exposing this side of life, eyes will be opened to take these criminals out of business for the bettering of society and the republic at large.  Persisting vigilance of the people is essential for true freedom to perpetuate into future generations for successful, happy lives of our children’s children.  The author is a true American, one who is unafraid to shine his candle of truth into the darkness and let the darkness rush away.  The author currently lives in the USA.