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How One Man Survived Big Intercity Corruption

Roger D. Griffin

Born into a criminal organization, Roger D. Griffin knows firsthand how corruption pervades deep into a city. In his bold and searing memoir titled, Transgressions: How One Man Survived Big Inner City Corruption, Griffin shares his relentless quest for justice while steering through the murky waters of unethical thugs breaching the law in a gigantic crime web.

Far from a walk in the park, Griffin’s life is full of daily strife– from having drugs strapped to his body as a child to going undercover for a fraudulent FBI team to help break a very real V.A. fraud ring. Griffin experienced the inner city (Chicago) underworld at its seediest. The worst blow comes at a gunpoint assault of his children with a police officer witnessing the whole crime.

In Transgressions, Griffin recalls his almost impossible attempt to bring justice to those who harmed his children, and along the way exposes startling evidence of unlawful gaps in the political and judicial system. His search for truth pitted him against the city’s finest police and the pseudonymous “Timothy Bakersfield” (Barack Hussein Obama II), a shadowy figure who has already risen to the pinnacle of power and influence. Names have been changed to protect the explosive information revealed in this manuscript.

Griffin’s tenacious courage leads the reader down a path of hate, greed and misplaced loyalty to arrive miraculously intact to carry on with pride. Intense and deeply moving, Transgressions is both a shocking exposé of corruption in one of the biggest cities in the world and an inspiring testament of willpower in the indomitable human spirit.